Welcome and thanks for visiting São José dos Campos - SJK for business or pleasure!
We would like to introduce ourselves “Felicitá Health and Aesthetic” as an outstanding Clinic to provide to you the best services, professionals and structure to support you time here down.
Basically, we are a wellness center that has 15 professional covering Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Dermatology, Vascular Surgery, Biomedical Treatments, Esthetic and Comestics procedures, Nutritional, Coaching, Therapeutic and Relaxing Massage, Pilates and so on.
Also, if you have any business to business demand request covering athletic aspects and treatments, we easily can prepare any feature to cover you needs. Also any kind of Dentristry Emergency can be well supported by us. Additionally, we already have a great number of equipments and Brazilian liability to add value and benefits for your request saving time and money.
Of course, we can offer by free, translator services in needed during your treatment here in São José dos Campos!
Here below some treatments and procedures that we can prompt offer:
-         Lymphatic Drainage
-         Relaxing Massage
-         Therapeutic Massage for backache and more
-         Fat Reduction – Up to 1,5” per session
-         Cellulite Reduction – More than 20 options!
-         Tooth Implant
-         Tooth Bleaching
-         Toothache and Emergency Treatment
-         Hair removal (Traditional, by Laser or Intensive Pulsed Light)
-         Scars and grooves elimination
-         Carboxiterapy
-         Ultrasonic Devices
-         Skin Care and Deep Cleaning for body and face
-         Botox TM
-         Face Lifts by Radiofrequency
-         Fillers
-         Eyelash Enhancement
-         Skin Renewal
-         Laser Therapy
-         Mega Cavitations - Lipo results without Surgery
-         Artificial Bronzing
-         Hair Bleaching
-         Permanent Makeup
-         Aromatherapy
-      Criolipolise
-         And much more….
Anyway, check our site and just drop a e-mail to us: contato@felicitasjc.com.br, and we will be glad to be back to you as soon as possible.
Dr Paula Iannarella
Senior Manager
Felicitá Health and Aesthetics
+55 12 3941-1430